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tour Sirmione Desenzano

It was the most loved place by the Roman poet Catullus, who had a splendid villa on the Garda in a privileged position. Amazing for the beauty of its colors and for its intense aromas, first of all, that of lemons, the largest lake in Italy is a perfect destination for an escape under the banner of culture, nature, wellness and good food. An ideal destination for a short “slow” holiday, which starts from the “Grotte di Catullo” of Sirmione and arrives at the delicious Desenzano del Garda. Here then are some tips for an unforgettable weekend.



In the morning: start your journey with a walk through the picturesque alleys of Sirmione, entering the historic center through the only access point: the Rocca Scaligera, a rare example of lake fortification. Destination that has always attracted tourists and artists, Sirmione was the home of the famous opera singer Maria Callas. The new Palazzo Callas Exhibitions, a prestigious venue for exhibitions, conferences and events, is dedicated to her. But also Catullo, the Roman poet who sang “Odi et amo”, always had a privileged relationship with the elegant town on the lake. The paternal villa rose on the extremity of the peninsula in a splendid position on the mirror of water. Today, what remains of that house, known as “Le Grotte di Catullo”, is one of the most visited sites in northern Italy. After having breathed the evocative atmosphere of the Roman era, you can take a break in one of the many restaurants on the shores of Lake Garda and order a local dish based on lake fish, such as tagliatelle with trout and asparagus or alborelle (small fish) grilled and seasoned strictly with Garda Dop extra virgin olive oil. The many DOC wines of the area, from Lugana to Valténesi up to Garda Classico, are excellent to combine with these dishes.

In the afternoon: spend a few hours of complete relaxation immersing yourself in one of the 36-degree natural pools of the Terme di Sirmione. A sanctuary of peace and well-being where you can also experience one of the famous “rémise en forme” treatments based on lemons and olive oil.

In the evening: give yourself to the social life starting with an aperitif and continuing with a dinner in Desenzano. The lively town on the Garda offers trendy bars and a picturesque setting. Do not miss the view from the walls of its famous castle.